Robert Manz Studio has been around for a while as the place Robert Manz has printed his work. With this website, Robert Manz Studio means something different. It is now the place where Robert Manz prints his work, and the work of other fine art photographers, as calendars, note cards and prints all with an intimate sense of place.

Robert has been photographing across Cape Cod for years and publishing his work cove by cove, village by village, and town by town, as note cards, calendars and archival prints. Always his images embody something about the intersection between the place and his life and do so in a way that he hopes shares something of that intersection with others - a mood, a memory, a marvel.

Recently Robert came to realize two things: 1) he wasn’t going to be able to do this for every significant place on Cape Cod, and 2) other great photographers are doing this too.

So he reached out to some artists he knows and asked if he could publish their work in the formats and venues that he knows well. A few daring souls agreed and suddenly there appeared calendars for Dennis, Sandwich, Yarmouth, the North Shore, and Cape Elizabeth Maine.

In 2019 Robert is continuing to reach out and has separated this publishing effort as a venture distinct from his personal practice of art. Hence the new meaning of Robert Manz Studio, and hence this website.

As of February 2019 this is all very new so we ask your patience as we build this business and this website. All and any feedback is most welcome. You can contact us here.

Please enjoy the spectacular wonderful art you will find here !!